The Sea | Ryan Napier

A couple travels overseas with the expectation of putting their busy lives to rest.

First published in minor literature|s|. Click here to listen. Click here to read.

Ryan Napier is the author of Four Stories about the Human Face (Bull City Press, 2018). His stories have appeared in Entropy, Queen Mob’s Tea House, minor literature[s], and others. He lives in Massachusetts. Find him on Twitter.

The Me Phone | Boris Glikman

A phone comes on the market that allows a person to call and talk to themselves. This story explores the impact this phone has on users’ lives.

First published in The Sunlight Press. Click here to listen. Click here to read.

Boris Glikman is a writer, poet, and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia. His stories, poems, and non-fiction have appeared in various online and print publications, as well as national radio programs. Find him on Twitter.

The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World | Gabriel García Márquez

Children in a small fishing village find a body on the beach that is covered with sea debris. The children play by burying him in the sand until the adults discover the corpse and decide that it must be given a small funeral. The men carry the body up to the village so that the women can prepare him for the funeral while they go to neighboring villages to ask if anyone can identify the drowned man.

Listen to the story here or, if you’d like to listen to it in Spanish, click here.

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El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo | Gabriel García Márquez

Un grupo de niños juegan en la playa de un pequeño pueblo de pescadores y en las olas, aparece un bulto que se va acercando. Resulta ser un ahogado, cubierto de alga marina, piedras y criaturas marinas muertas. Los hombres van a los pueblos vecinos para averiguar si el muerto proviene de uno de ellos, mientras que las mujeres limpian el cuerpo y lo preparan para su funeral.

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