The Painter Is Here | Cathy Warner

An anxious new mother has the interior of her home painted by a patient and experienced painter.

First published in Tattoo Highway. Click here to listen. Click here to read.

Cathy Warner is the author of the poetry volume Burnt Offerings. She received the Steinbeck and SuRaa fiction awards. Her fiction, short memoir, and essays have appeared in dozens of print and online journals and several anthologies. She is the former literary editor of Image Journal‘s “Good Letters.” In addition to writing, editing, and leading writing workshops, Cathy is a home renovator, real estate broker, and enjoys nature photography. Find her online here.

Years Eaten by the Bees | Erendira Ramirez-Ortega

Afictionada- Blog art (1)A young boy is obsessed with his bi-cultural identity and grows bitterly isolated from his older brother, who emigrated to the US with their mother to join their father. “Years Eaten by the Bees” is a cautionary tale about what happens when narcissism builds in a relationship between two brothers and their failed perceptions of each other.

First published in West Branch Magazine. Click here to listen.

Afictionada is a storytelling podcast. Here, I read aloud my short story, 'Years Eaten by the Bees.' Click to read story description and link to audio. Subscribe to podcast on your favorite app.