Would you like your work to be read aloud on our podcast?

Our format is simple: you submit your previously published work of fiction, and if accepted, we read it aloud on our podcast. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, keep these factors in mind:

  • Your story needs to be a previously published work of fiction whose rights belong to the writer.
  • You, the submitter, must be the writer of the submission and own the rights to your work.
  • Your short fiction should be around 4000 words or less (text) or under 20 mins (audio).

Tell us where the story’s been published and the date of publication (could be a magazine, a blog, a journal, or an anthology, or other collection, in print or digital).

Please don’t link us to entire blogs or websites where your submission resides…instead, send us the direct link to the work itself. Please don’t send links to work behind a paywall.

We review every story that is submitted.

We will not read stories that contain profane or vulgar language.

Sample some episodes here if you’d like to get an idea before you commit.

Submit your fiction by filling out the Google form here.